Medium Carving Knife (Yew)

Soulwood Creations

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This knifeblade is ground by Dave Cocroft and made from bearing steel, forged and heat treated by Nic Westermann. The bevels are symmetrical and flat with an edge angle is 25 degrees. The blade is 60mm long, they are hand forged so there’s a little variation. The blade has a distal taper, it is thinner towards the tip. This makes the bevel narrower at the tip to permit a tight concave surface to be carved without chatter. These are intended to be used for finishing cuts, kept super sharp and nick free so you can get a perfect knife finish on your work.

Please note the tip is very fine and not to be used for prying or drilling as it will likely bend or break.

This straight knife features a faceted yew with an ebony bolster. 

The handle is the refined version of my standard handle design. It`s ergonomics are further refined and made to compliment this blade.

Handle length: 140mm

Blade Length: 60mm

If you are ordering outside of the UK please be aware that you may be charged custom fees when you receive your order.

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