Soulwood & James Wood Limited Edition Axe

Soulwood & James Wood Limited Edition Axe

Soulwood Creations

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This collaboration with the talented James Wood is turned out to be a truly magnificent piece.

The material selection and processes such as the hand carved faceted ergonomic handle, and an expertly forged forged head by James are of the highest quality. Two row of saddle stitched and stamped veg tanned leather sheath to protect that precious edge. I have used a padauk wedge to hold this axe together that would match the colour of the stitching.  By adding chip carving to the handle that matches the stamping on the head and achieving the midnight black colour on the handle which has been accentuated by the padauk wedge created this one of a kind look and feel to this axe.

This carving axe was designed with ergonomics and functionality in mind. The traditional bearded head profile, and the faceted re-curved handle makes it an ideal carving axe for a wide range of carving tasks.

As always, form follows function but I really wanted to push the aesthetics further.
This axe isn't aimed to please with it's simplicity but to draw you in to admire every little detail. This axe will serve you beyond your generation, and when you pass it on it will carry my story and yours that you have created over the years.


  • Total weight, approx: 860g

  • Cutting edge length: 14cm

  • Handle length: 29cm

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