How to Order

I am a lone maker in a small workshop. Every item I make is hand crafted with meticulous care and attention to details. As a result I am not able to put out large quantities of tools and treen and I don't have continuous stock available.

Periodically I am able to release pre-orders where you select a tool that is available for pre-order and deposit the full payment. In the next 3 months I will start fulfilling these orders. If you would like to know first hand when these pre-order releases will occur the best course of action is to sign up to my newsletter. If you would like a custom order or want me to handle an axe head or woodworking tool for you just get in touch through my email:

In the case that I have some extra tools available I always announce it when it goes up for sale via my newsletter and my instagram page.

I hope this has helped clear up any confusion about my ordering process.

Thank you for reading.

Wish you all the best



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